February 25, 2015

Guest Blog: Marmalade Boots – It Ain’t All Roses

I watch The Bachelor. I am an unapologetic, can’t hardly wait a week for the next episode, bachelor fan. I love the silly girls who fall in love the first week, I love the mean girls that piss everybody off, and I especially love the crazies. One of the appeals of the show for me […]


March 7, 2013

Calving front lines

Calving season is upon us here on the little island under the Crazies. Although technically we are due to start calving until next week, we welcomed our first baby calf weeks ago and have been getting a handful of calves almost everyday for a week now, translation: let the craziness begin. In previous years, I […]


February 6, 2013

Ranch Wives and the Super Bowl

I stumbled across this post draft that I started back in June (yes, I am that far behind). I thought it was good to bring it out today as the Dodge Super Bowl commercial has been on my mind, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and almost every conversation in the last two days. For those that missed […]


January 20, 2013


Today was a super productive day, in a destructive kind of way. Lessons learned: 1. Do not leave the mare pasture gate open while feeding. 2. Yelling will not bring those bi#$%&s back. A bucket of grain will. 3. When driving through a tight gate, don’t attempt to tap it open with the bucket of […]


March 14, 2011

She will smile

This weekend we lost Cowboy’s grandmother Roxy. After too many years of fighting cancer, Roxy left us to remember her, miss her and love her. For me, as the new addition to the family, it has been my chance to get to know her as the person she was and the family she leaves behind. […]


November 29, 2010

Take it when you can get it…

The snow is officially here, and has been here for a few weeks now. Our little island under the Crazies is white and quiet as the hum of shipping, preg checking and other fall activities has long since ceased. The hot, dusty days of summer have given away to a few feet of snow and […]


November 27, 2010

Guest Blog: Marmalade Boots’ Fall

Fall by Marmalade Boots This fall was amazing. Growing up a California city girl where open-toed sandals are practical footwear for all seasons and a cardigan provides adequate insulation from the cold, let’s just say moving to Montana two years ago was a bit of a change. I arrived in this frigid, unforgiving country November […]


September 21, 2010

Cowboys Don’t Cry… But Sometimes They Whine.

A couple of days ago, Cowboy had a tough day. Keep in mind, Cowboy is tough, exceedingly patient and possesses an “everything is going to be alright, baby” personality. His “tough” days would have me curled into the fetal mission and drowning myself in chocolate and vodka, preferably at the same time. As my  mother-in-law […]

May 12, 2010

Pick Me Up!

  Spring has sprung on our little island under the Crazies, though summer has yet to show its face. The green gold is making its way to the surface almost everywhere, our yard in particular. As I lay there in bed this morning and the sunshine poured through my windows, I had a sudden bolt […]

May 9, 2010

It’s just food

It is my job, as a future rancher’s wife, to take care of my cowboy. When the novelty of washing jeans crusted with two weeks of cow shit and God only know what else wears off and I am no longer amused by wrenches living on my coffee table for months at a time, there […]

April 19, 2010

Good Mama

Mama cows and baby calves… That is what fills my cowboy’s spring days on the ranch. Since our place is at the base of the Crazy Mountains and in a “snow bowl” we don’t start calving until March, considered late compared to our neighbors. Blue skies and warmer temperatures make up the difference, although there […]