June 24, 2011

The Chickens Come to Elk Creek

My mom, the Ponderosa Queen, had chickens when I was younger. I was still in elementary school and my feeling towards those chickens was that of love… and hate. They smelled, they had to be fed, they had to be locked up at night and let out first thing in the morning. Being the only […]


March 14, 2011

She will smile

This weekend we lost Cowboy’s grandmother Roxy. After too many years of fighting cancer, Roxy left us to remember her, miss her and love her. For me, as the new addition to the family, it has been my chance to get to know her as the person she was and the family she leaves behind. […]


February 14, 2011

Why I Ride A Paint Horse…

Cowboy: Why were the indians so angry by the time the reached the battlefield? Me (glaring): I don’t know. Why? Cowboy: ‘Cause they had to ride paints the whole way there! (Hysterical laughter) Me: That’s hilarious… (Sarcastic. Kidney punch Cowboy.) People, there is an epidemic in Cowboy America and it’s even in my own household: […]

horse edit

February 3, 2011

Montana’s Definition of Winter

[slideshow] 1win·ter ˈwin-tər 1: the season between autumn and spring comprising in the northern hemisphere usually the months of December, January, and February or as reckoned astronomically extending from the December solstice to the March equinox 2: the colder half of the year 3: year <happened many winters ago> 4: a period of inactivity or […]


November 29, 2010

Take it when you can get it…

The snow is officially here, and has been here for a few weeks now. Our little island under the Crazies is white and quiet as the hum of shipping, preg checking and other fall activities has long since ceased. The hot, dusty days of summer have given away to a few feet of snow and […]


November 27, 2010

Guest Blog: Marmalade Boots’ Fall

Fall by Marmalade Boots This fall was amazing. Growing up a California city girl where open-toed sandals are practical footwear for all seasons and a cardigan provides adequate insulation from the cold, let’s just say moving to Montana two years ago was a bit of a change. I arrived in this frigid, unforgiving country November […]

Cowboy moving cows

November 8, 2010

The Last Ride of the Year

I have a love-hate relationship with fall, though this fall there has definately been more love in our relationship than ever before. Montana is not known for a long, leisurely falls. Last year, fall lasted for exactly 48 hours. The aspen leaves had just began to show a tinge of yellow and then WHAM!, a […]

Cowboy's Truck

November 2, 2010

Cowboys and Pickup Trucks

If there is one thing I have learned from Montana boys, it’s this: they love their pickup trucks. They love driving them, washing them, working on them, and showing them off to girls. They love talking about them with their buddies, admiring them, and spending hellacious amounts of money on them (kind of like me […]

kiss soph

October 19, 2010

I Own High Heels

I own high heels. They live right next to my cowboy boots. Well actually, they live above my cowboy boots on a shelf but you know what I mean. On paper, I am probably not a person who would own, like or wear high heels, but I do. At just a shade over six foot […]


September 21, 2010

Cowboys Don’t Cry… But Sometimes They Whine.

A couple of days ago, Cowboy had a tough day. Keep in mind, Cowboy is tough, exceedingly patient and possesses an “everything is going to be alright, baby” personality. His “tough” days would have me curled into the fetal mission and drowning myself in chocolate and vodka, preferably at the same time. As my  mother-in-law […]

May 12, 2010

Pick Me Up!

  Spring has sprung on our little island under the Crazies, though summer has yet to show its face. The green gold is making its way to the surface almost everywhere, our yard in particular. As I lay there in bed this morning and the sunshine poured through my windows, I had a sudden bolt […]

May 9, 2010

It’s just food

It is my job, as a future rancher’s wife, to take care of my cowboy. When the novelty of washing jeans crusted with two weeks of cow shit and God only know what else wears off and I am no longer amused by wrenches living on my coffee table for months at a time, there […]

April 30, 2010

The Perfect Day

Let me take you back to last week, when the weather could not be described as anything but gorgeous. 60 degrees and sunshiney, the green gold had just started to break ground. The air was sweet and clean with barely a breeze blowing. While having a cup of coffee with my cowboy he asked my […]

April 19, 2010

Good Mama

Mama cows and baby calves… That is what fills my cowboy’s spring days on the ranch. Since our place is at the base of the Crazy Mountains and in a “snow bowl” we don’t start calving until March, considered late compared to our neighbors. Blue skies and warmer temperatures make up the difference, although there […]

April 15, 2010

Branding… Our love story

The ranch… Home… Our island under the Crazies… No matter than names I call this place, one thing stays true: it is its own living, breathing thing. Of course it would change left on its own, without my cowboy and his cowboy co-workers keeping to the natural ranch schedule of things. Life on the ranch […]

April 14, 2010

6 a.m. at the Ranch

For those of you not permanently attached to a ranch cowboy, let me tell you about a cowboy’s sense of time. Unless it is hunting season, my cowboy is up at six o’clock in the morning. Up for breakfast, up to check cows, up to beat the heat during the summer. It is a rare […]

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