The Montana Cowgirl — Shipping Cows

The Montana Cowgirl -- Shipping Cows
Fall is approaching, though it’s hard to tell — what with our 70-80 degree temps. It’s been a long, hot summer. For Cowboy, that means constant irrigation, a solid month of haying and a hectic fire season in drought conditions and 100 degree heat. All summer, I was mostly observing this weather pattern from the comfy coolness of my office, and found myself repeating the habit I learned during my time in Phoenix –run from your air conditioned house to the air conditioned car to the air-conditioned store and so on. The good news is that eventually, Montana’s winter will be here.
In the life cycle that is ranching, that means the next phase is shipping. Shipping is the culmination of the ranching year, when those now grown coal black baby calves are sold and loaded up, shipped out to their next phase. A ranch receives its biggest (and for many, their only) paycheck for their year at shipping — an infusion of cash vital to the health of the ranch and the families it supports. This will be our first shipping at the new place — marking one year on the new island.  Although its still a few weeks off, preparation has begun, with preconditioning and gathers filling up the days for the ranch crew. This is also my crazy time of year at work, so I join in on the work when I can, and dream about it at work when I can’t. In the ranch wife’s yearly cycle, this time of year signals an exciting yearly duty: restocking and replacing winter and work clothes for Cowboy (and myself as necessary). That means shopping!
I am loving this Carhartt grey wool sweater. It has such nice texture and warmth. And I love grey as a base for the rich jewel colors trending this fall, as well as to complement neutrals like the Carhartt for Women vest above. A few pieces of sturdy jewelry (yes, jewelry for working cows), a warm hat and gloves are must haves. If it rains or snows, I’ll switch out my most worn cowboy boots for my Muckboots and wool socks. Unfortunately, this isn’t a Carhartt ad. I wish, because I would have saved a bunch of money today.

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