The Montana Cowgirl — Gettin’ Native

The Montana Cowgirl -- Gettin' Native
The Montana Cowgirl — Gettin’ Native by themontanacowgirl featuring Montana Silversmiths jewelry
If you think I’ve gonna a little overboard with the native theme here, you would be right. But I’m committing to the Native trend whole-heartedly this year, and yes, I plan on riding the Native wave until the time at which my family and friends see it necessary to stage an intervention.
It all started with a vintage sterling silver chief head ring I mooned over for months before finally forking over much more than my Cowboy will ever know (it’s an investment, people). Before I knew it, I was the proud owner of a Navajo print scarf from Target and several beaded headbands, which I have yet to wear in public. Throw in an antiqued brass buckle with both a buffalo and an Indian head and, yes, I am in native print wearin’ paradise. On a trip to town for winter essentials, i.e. Carhartts and long underwear, I found myself with a blanket, towels, coffee cups, a Lucky blouse and a fabulous men’s Scotch cap, all featuring native print. After much internal debate, I settled on only keeping the Scotch cap, though I admit that the towels are still haunting my dreams.

Cowboy is convinced that my acute native-print addiction is more than trend deep, it’s genetic, he says. Could be. After all, while my mom (Ponderosa Queen on this here blog) was pregnant with me she experience a similar, overwhelming affinity for all things native — clothes, jewelry, books, movies. She couldn’t get enough. My father finally drew the line in the sand when my mother declared that she would name her new baby girl due in a few short months… Buffalo. Buffalo?! Yes, my mother wanted to name me Buffalo, shortened to Buff for a boy and Buffy for a girl, like that would make it better. Can you imagine the first day of school, every year, teachers stumbling over the name:

Teacher: Is Buffalo here?
Me: Yes, right here.
Teacher: Class, I’d like to introduce you to the new girl Buffalo.
Me: Yes, my name really is Buffalo. Yes, like the big hairy animal.
Thank goodness for my father, who stood his ground and negotiated down from Buffalo to Sophia. As for our future kids, I think they are safe from my native obsession. Now if I can only get those towels…

One thought on “The Montana Cowgirl — Gettin’ Native

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    We’d like to introduce you to one of our favorite cowgirls – Sophi Davis. Working as our Premium Account Manager, part of Sophi’s work is to help our customers realize their vision into a quality, classic buckle or gift design. Needless to say, she has a great eye for design and fashion, so we are excited to show you how she matches our Montana Silversmiths pieces with others for a great Western style look!

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