Cowboy Shopping List

Merry Chirstmas Cowboy
I am definitely not the type of person, or wife, that buys Christmas presents ahead of time. In fact, I am a shopping in Walgreens on Christmas Eve type. I get really irritated by Christmas music that starts playing in November and most years, our tree isn’t up long enough to dry out, or get decorated. Call me Scrooge. But for my first few Christmases with Cowboy, I honestly tried to get into the spirit.
Our first two Christmases together I aspired to find Cowboy something so perfect, so precious that his eyes would glisten after gently unwrapping the perferctly wrapped box. He would pull me into his arms and shower me with affection, and diamonds. Not exactly how its gone. He tears off the wrapping paper without even commenting on the perfectly accented ribbons, spends a few seconds checking out the trinket and says “Thanks babe” before heading the kitchen for another piece of pie before the start of the next football game. So this year, he’s getting what most husbands hate getting for holidays, nothing but clothes that his wife picks out. Ha! Here’s a rundown:
  • John Wayne: Not clothes but always good to have around as the model for the perfect man. I bet he could appreciate intricate wrapping.
  • Wool socks: My mom bought Cowboy a pair of Alpaca wool socks last year, which he regarded with fear and I have since adopted because they are fabulous and crazy warm. I’ll end up getting him which ever pair have the manilest looking packaging or say anything about “extreme” or “hunting”.
  • Carhartt Artic coat & vest: Absolutley essential. Plan on a new vest every year and a new coat every two years.
  • Montana Silversmiths Money Clip: Cowboy recently lost his and, seeing as I work Montana Silversmiths, it would be inappropriate not to replace it for Christmas. He loves the tension clip,  I love the classic scallop shape and floral hand engraving.
  • Wranglers Jeans: Actually, I buy him stacks of Wranglers throughout the year. Literally, the man shreds jeans. It’s impressive. And expensive.
  • Wrangler Flannel Shirts: This is actually a pre-emptive move. I have to buy Cowboy flannel shirts before fall in colors that I can tolerate so that he doesn’t buy his own, which are always in the most obnoxious prints and colors.
  • Long Handle Underwear: I wish he would wear these! They are awesome, but ironically, not that warm.
  • Scotch Cap: Must have earflaps.
Somehow I don’t think I can get all this at Walgreens…
Have a good one!

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