The life of a ranch dog


Our ranch dogs really do have an amazing life. Whether they’re chasing the tractor, moving cows or just watching cowboy work in the shop you can tell these dogs love their life and why wouldn’t they? Take Bailey for example, the Australian Shepherd that I got my senior year of college. Instead of taking her and putting her on the ranch, she went to Arizona with me for grad school. Given that we were living in a tiny 2 bedroom condo in downtown Tempe, the highlight of my day, and hers, was either going for a run or going to the dog park. She was my connection to home while in Arizona, a happy reminder that I had a life Montana and that’s where I wanted to be. Not to say that living in apartment in Arizona suited her either. Thanks to boredom and stress, she did end up getting into trouble while I was at school or work. Once she ate an entire pound of butter and a big pack of pork chops, resulting in dog puke all over that fancy little apartment. She also caught kennel cough from the dog park and got really sick. Stupid dog park. I don’t know who Cowboy was happier to see once we returned from Arizona, me or his little black dog.


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