2013 Catch Up

Since I have changed up damn near everything in my life at least once in the last year, it’s time to do a little recap followed by a look forward:

  1. In November 2011, Cowboy and I left our little island under the Crazies in favor of a spread an hour south in Springdale, Montana. The new ranch is 50,000 acres with 1200-1500 head of cattle, depending on the time of year. The new place stretches from the Yellowstone River to the Crazy Mountains and is quite possibly the windiest place on Earth. And there are rattlesnakes, lots of them. IMG_3385
  2. In mid-December 2012, I left my corporate job in order to come back to the ranch full time. I am so grateful for the opportunities I had while working for Montana, but I had to take advantage of the opportunity to work with Cowboy and to pursue other independent projects. More on that some other time…181009_549981471466_1781838270_n
  3. Cowboy and I purchased our first herd of personal cows to run on the ranch. Buying cows is exciting and scary but worth it so we are thrilled. Cowboy tells me that this means that I am going to have to actually learn about cows now, so that will be interesting.

And the to-do’s…

  1. Get home office painted and set-up, finally
  2. Get 10 rides on Sugar before calving starts in March… 1 down, 9 to go
  3. Take a photo and make a post everyday
  4. Get those vision boards going
  5. Trade in TV time for reading time

What are your great (or small) to-do’s?

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