Today was a super productive day, in a destructive kind of way. Lessons learned:
1. Do not leave the mare pasture gate open while feeding.
2. Yelling will not bring those bi#$%&s back. A bucket of grain will.
3. When driving through a tight gate, don’t attempt to tap it open with the bucket of the tractor, this will end badly for you and especially the gate.
4. Calling your Cowboy husband to confess your gate incident while he is in a meeting at the neighbor’s is not a true gauge of his reaction once he sees the magnitude of destruction.
5. Oatmeal chip cookies will help improve his mood a little…
6. Until you tell him that you used coconut oil and honey. He will leave mumbling about how he married a hippy health freak, even though you let the diesel tractor warm up while frying his eggs in bacon grease
7. Even a rough day on the ranch is better than a great day in board room.

– MC


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