Calving front lines

Calving season is upon us here on the little island under the Crazies. Although technically we are due to start calving until next week, we welcomed our first baby calf weeks ago and have been getting a handful of calves almost everyday for a week now, translation: let the craziness begin.
In previous years, I would sympathetically night check for Cowboy occasionally on a weekend, only to go back to my regular sleeping schedule all week. It was “fun” and “something different” for me. Unlike my desk jockeying, night calving allowed me to relate and help my man when he needed the most. I could really relate
to his job, might as well be.nominated for best wife of the year award. Ha! Only now that I am night calving for Cowboy full time can I appreciate calving better. Eight hours of solitude has allowed me lots of clarity about calving:
1. I’ve been told night calving is supposed to prepare me to have a baby of my own. If so, thank you Mom. A lot.
2. Last Saturday night, I thought back to last year. Instead of driving around shining a spotlight on the hind ends of cows in cowshit covered overalls, I was partying in the box suite of Dallas Cowboy stadium. Margarita in my hand, Old Gringos on my feet. Who says ranch wife life isn’t glamourous?
3. A cow with tag 13 Orange lost her calf. Cowboy is pretty sure he was born dead and had a “problem”, which is pretty sad. We hate losing calves but it does happen. I was not prepared to deal with the fact that 13 Orange did not leave the spot were her calf had last been for 4 days, including during a snow storm that caused all the other cows to seek shelter. Driving by and checking, seeing her laying in the same spot in case her baby showed back up, I literally had to swallow back a sob every time. Cowboy rolled his eyes at me when I told him that.
4. Turns out that I can stay in my sweats all day and night. And not cute sweats either. I bet Cowboy just loves this part of calving too.
5. God created DVR for calving season because there is nothing but infomercials on between 2 & 6 in the morning. I don’t really mind this part because now I can watch the Kardashians in peace. And Mob Wives. And Smash.
6. The first couple of nights it
appears as though everything is acting suspicious, about to calve any minute. Yeah, they don’t calve for another 2 weeks and the one that didn’t even look at you calves by the next check. Two hours later.

That’s it for now, I am taking some horses back to Bozeman this morning after 3 hours of sleep. I wonder if I can get the horse trailer through the Starbucks drive through…

3 thoughts on “Calving front lines

  1. Your blog is wonderful. I geared up over the momma cow waiting for her calf….clearly a woman thing. I am sitting at DFW waiting to catch a flight and will e in Bozeman later for a long weekend at our ranch just south of White Sulpher Springs. I feel like we are almost neighbors!😉

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Always happy to hear from another ranch lady. Swing by if your ever down our way. We used to be in Wilsall too so we really were neighbors.

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