Gust Blog (lol, get it): Marmalade Boots, A Letter to the Wind

I thought I would post this letter from my good friend on this rare still morning under the Crazies! Plus, I almost choked on my coffee from laughing when I read this. Because it’s SO TRUE. — MC

A Letter to the Wind

This past year has been a tough one out on the ranch. We had almost no measurable precipitation to speak of all last spring and summer. And unfortunately this winter has been much of the same. No moisture means no grass; no grass means no cows. We were able to skirt by last summer and make do, but things are starting to look bleak. We need moisture. Instead, we get wind. No rain. No snow. Only wind. Everyday wind. And I absolutely, with every fiber of my being HATE wind. I know hate is a strong word, but I HATE IT! Aww, it feels good to say it. I hate you wind! Sometimes the wind is so infuriating that I just want to spit in its face. But then I remember that it has no face, and it would just blow the spit back in my face. Touché wind. Way to add insult to injury. Because this drought is out of my control, and the wind is out of my control. I am just going to vent. This is my…


Dear Wind,

When I am trying to bring an ornery cow to the shed and all my horse wants to do is stop and turn her back to you…you frustrate me. When I come inside and my hair is so knotted that I look like I just walked straight out of the 80’s…you annoy me. When I’m standing out on the flat, trying to feed our yearlings and you are blowing dust and hay into my eyes and up my nose…you antagonize me. When you make it impossible for me to be outside and enjoy myself on an otherwise perfectly warm, sunny day…you disappoint me. When you shake my house all night long, keeping me awake…you piss me off. However, when you blow all the topsoil off our newly farmed fields…I start to hate you. When you suck the moisture out of the earth around us…I hate you. When you continually blow every storm, every drop of rain or snow away from our ranch. When you blow away every hope we have for moisture …I definitely hate you.

I hate you wind! Seriously, you blow.

Marmalade Boots


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