Sophi Davis is a western lifestyle content creator and visual storyteller.
As a multi-disciplinary digital content creator who works with western, agricultural, and lifestyle brands. Sophi is passionate about sharing her story of raising kids and cattle on a Montana cattle ranch.

Born and raised in Montana, Sophi Davis has a deep love and admiration for agriculture and ranching. With a background in reining horses, Sophi became hooked on the working ranch lifestyle after meeting and marrying her husband Taylor, a fourth generation Montana cattleman.

Since 2011, they have been working for a commercial cow-calf ranch at the base of the Crazy Mountains near Hunter Hot Springs, Montana. Taylor works in Ranch Management and is a licensed big game outfitter. Their greatest joy is their two children, Ella & Hunter. 

I’m a wife, mother, and cowgirl raising kids and baby calves on a Montana ranch. 

I'm Sophi

hey there,

I started The Montana Cowgirl back in 2009 as a way to document and share my new world living and working on our very first Montana ranch job. Desperate for a creative outlet while living an hour from town, it was my way of sharing all of the funny, beautiful, and occasionally sad experiences that ranch life threw at us. As life happened and new jobs, new houses, and new babies came into our lives, I drifted away from sharing our lives in print but my heart has always been here. 

After more than a decade of occasional posts and holding on to this domain, it's time to share again. Things are so different now but one things definitely remains: my love for ranching in Montana and the cowboy that introduced me to it all. 

From mornings spent in my ranch garden to cooking branding dinners for our cowboy crew, I hope you feel my joy and gratitude to being able to raise my kids and live my wildest ranch dreams here in Montana.  I hope this life speaks to you and awakens the cowgirl spirit that lies within us all. 

Come along with me as I share this wonderful, wild life of ranch kids and cowboys, baby calves and sweaty cowhorses. It's not just like Yellowstone, it's way better. 

Authentic Modern western storytelling straight from the ranch - Dirt Included!

 As a published commercial photographer and experienced social media consultant, I have been on both sides of marketing campaigns and brand collaborations. You need content that connects and converts,
As a western lifestyle content creator, my goal is to create high-quality content that speaks authentic western to your customer -- and that means engaging, relatable photos and videos that speak to who you are as a brand and who they are as a consumer. 

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