About Me

Hi, I’m Sophi Davis.
A little about me:

1. I am married to an amazing man (know round this blog as Cowboy, because he’s shy), who happens to be a true-blue cowboy. No weekend cowboy here people. He rides, ropes, tends mama cows and coal black baby calves, and drives a dirty pickup and a tractor on an occasion.

2. We live and work together on a commercial cow calf ranch in Montana, at the base of the Crazy Mountains.

3. Montana born and raised, I grew up around rodeo, ranching, horses and cows. I left for a short time to go to school at Arizona State University but, trust me, there’s no place like home. I am in love with all things Montana, even our cold winters. I have been known to shred some gnarly pow (brah) on an occasion.

4.Paint horses and Ford trucks are my preferred method of transportation.

5. I have what some would consider an unhealthy relationship with turquoise, the color and the stone.

6. I really do believe that if the boot fits, buy it in every color. I’m working on that, much to Cowboy’s dismay.